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The Antique Iron List is an exclusive email system for people dedicated to the restoration and preservation of all types of Antique Farm equipment. Send one email to communicate with hundreds of other restoration enthusiasts like you! Buy, sell, trade, ask questions and trade information. Subscribe today to start your membership in this group of antique tractor lovers!

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The Fast Iron List is a vital link in our communication with other CIH dealers; like CaseNet 2.0. The fact that this is by the dealers and for the dealers makes it even more powerful in its unbiased and unfiltered state. Through The FastIron List we can leverage all participating dealers’ inventories of both attachments and wholegoods to speed delivery to and increase the satisfaction of our customers. The FastIron List is also an important component as we strive to keep our inventories under control, matching used equipment on our lots with customers at dealers across North America. As The List has evolved we have used it as a sounding board while we work to refine policies and process within our company by soliciting input from other dealers. It’s like belonging to a 1,000+ member peer group!

- Todd